Red Pumpkin and Golden Sunflower Handbag

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An exquisitely carved red lacquered pumpkin handbag with one side of the bag is adorned with silver and gold-plated floral motifs, complemented by lustrous pearls, while the opposite side showcases enchanting turquoise accents. The bag is fastened securely with a turquoise button lock, and it is elegantly equipped with a Japanese hairpin handle on top, bestowing a dash of sophistication to this uniquely designed piece.

The handle is special – A Meiji period Maki-e Lacquer Comb Hair Pin crafted for Geishas (made in Circa 1900) and, designed with the inspiration of flowers, from the gardens of ancient imperial palaces and forts of Japan. Pumpkins also hold symbolic significance as representations of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. Their association with the harvest season has firmly established them as integral to autumn's essence.

It takes approximately 3 months to create this piece with over 8 designers and craftsmen involved.

Tourmaline 0.16 ct.
Turquoise 0.89 g.
Size: 11.5(W) x 18(L) x 27.5(H) cm
Weight 530 g.

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