Evening handbag with Sapphire and Diamond

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An elegant evening golden silk bag, embellished with brilliant blue sapphires and diamonds atop the frame, set in 18K gold and adorned with a carved red stone rose and sapphire tassels.

Emerging from the collection of luxurious vintage handbags by LADV, our team has procured rare and exquisite handbag frames from the early 1900’s, expertly pairing them with carefully chosen materials to revive each bag with a renewed sense of feminine. Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of the past, we have infused each handbag with a daring, yet classic energy. Our skilled artisans have meticulously maintained the classic value of the pattern, sewing, and design, while embellishing each bag with exquisite jewelry, creating an unmatched level of elegance and sophistication.

Blue Sapphire: 14.25 ct. (Approx.)
Diamonds: 1.52 ct. (Approx.)
Dimension: 17 (L) x 15 (H) x 3.0 (D) cm.
Weight: 161.61 g.

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