Golden Rice Marquetry Handbag with Red Lacquered Bamboo Handle

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Presenting a magnificent marquetry handbag, adorned with 24K gold leaf and dazzling diamonds. Its tasteful design showcases Natural Burmese Rubies, while Scarab wings grace a Kundun Crystal, functioning as locks atop the bag.

The handle, adorned with lacquered bamboo cutlery in a striking hot red hue, adds to its outstanding appeal. Additionally, the bag sits elegantly on gold-plated silver stands, enhancing its overall allure.

On the straw marquetry work – It’s a craft very similar to that of wood marquetry, except that straw replaces the wood veneer. It is thought to have first been practiced in the East; examples were brought to England in the 17th century. To mimic the varying shades of wood veneer, rice straw has to be split, then soaked in cold, warm, or hot water. The strips are then ironed, and there will be a variety of tones from pale gold to deepest dark brown.

The masterful elegant piece took over 4 months with over 8 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Dimension: 24 (L) x 27 (H) x 9 (W) cm.
Ruby: 1.79 ct.
Diamonds: 0.63 ct.
Weight: 642.82 g.

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