“Dream” Egg

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(Painted Ostrich Egg by Artist DAMISA with Galuchat Elephant Sculpture)

For this ostrich egg, my intention was to fashion an abstract landscape characterized by multiple horizontal levels. Commencing from the base, I employed thick bands of rich and vibrant colors that interweaved and encircled the egg, resembling undulating waves.

Emerging from this colorful base were luminous bands, imbued with shades of yellow, akin to mountain ranges. These bands crisscrossed and overlapped one another, their edges gradually melding into a sky illuminated by celestial entities like the sun, the moon, and stars. The radiance emitted by these celestial bodies manifested as colorful rays, sparks, and layered clouds, enshrouding the upper hemisphere of the egg.

Through intricate and meticulously layered lines, along with subtle variations in color, I aimed to construct a whimsical yet sophisticated world in constant motion. This world appeared to rise, fall, and rotate, emanating a luminous glow that brought it to life, inviting viewers into a playful and captivating realm.

Medium: Acrylic on Ostrich Egg
Size: 11(W) x 16(L) x 28(H) cm.
Weight: 1.85 kg.

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