Bamboo Mat Handbag with Textile and Frog

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An elegant everyday handbag created from Bamboo Mat, designed with antique Japanese temple brocade, sourced from Kyoto in Japan. The handle is made from Japanese bamboo and lining inside is done skillfully. A little enamel frog sits atop the bag gaurding its lock, while a spiritual Chinese Lacquer Gourd hangs by its side.

This collection of Handbag made from Bamboo, were once used as placemats in everyday households. Lotus then cut and folded the mats to be used as a handbag. This is a depiction of the ingenuity of Lotus Arts de Vivre designs – original, inventive and yet purposeful. Bamboo, while exotic in the west, is one of the most practical natural plants. It has tremendous strength as shown when used as scaffolds on construction sites. It grows fast and flowers only once in a lifetime, then dies. The time of flowering can be 5 to 75 years and when it happens, it occurs across the world at the same time. The finer strands are used for fans, purses, bags, hats, baskets and other items. Larger, thick strips are used for flower baskets, walls and other items. While bamboo was originally used for practical items around the house, these have been further developed by Lotus Arts de Vivre into art pieces.

The antique Japanese Silk brocade was a ritual temple banner at a Japanese Temple, purchased by the von Buerens during one of their trips to thr auction houses in Japan.

The tiny dwarfed gourds have been in the private collection of the von Buerens, sourced during their decades of travels to China and the Far-East. The gourds recently came out of the von Bueren ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and were soon sent to China, commissioned to be lacquered by artists, each one individually. Gourds have a much deeper meaning in Chinese culture. Drying and painting them for Chinese people is an art and fengshui. Gourds in China were used as charms for scaring away malefic spirits and used as magic potions to avoid diseases - overall signifying protection, blessing and luck.

After sourcing the materials, this piece took 4 weeks to complete.

Dimension : 26.8(H) x 32.5(L) x 8.7(W) cm.
Weight: 422.38 g.

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