Kashmir Woven Wonder & Shell inlay frame Handbag

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Handbag gorgeously designed and cut from an old Indian Kashmir Shawl. The Shawl has alternating patterns of hook-tipped botehs (paisley motif) that are stately and decorate this elaborate piece. The handle is made from Japanese bamboo wood, accented with 24K Gold plated Sterling Silver at various corners. The frame of the bag has been made from Gold plated Sterling Silver decorated with beautiful patterns in New Zealand Shell inlay. The lock of the bag is made from two beads of 22K Gold repousse work and the bag stands on Gold plated sterling silver stands.

About The Kashmir Shawl Collection: The Rolf von Bueren Shawl collection is the product of a passionate endeavor which first began with a visit to an antique dealer while on a trip to Calcutta in 1965. Rolf’s attention had been captured by the brilliant colors and weave complexity of one of the most prized Kashmir shawls,  the dorukha or reversible shawl, which he bought. That this passion developed early on was perhaps by no chance occurrence.

Floral patterns are an enduring motif and were particularly popular in the 17th century, when the Mughal emperors favoured flower designs in their textiles, architecture and works of art. Paisley patterns (boteh)  are also popular, with their designs becoming denser, more elaborate and more abstract in the 19th century.

From artistic conceptualization to design to collaboratively finishing this Handbag took more than 3 months to complete with over 15 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Dimension: 30(L)x 11(W)*38.5(H) cm.
Weight 907.94 g.

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