Rattan Handbag with Nephrite Dragon

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An elegant clutch made from Indonesian sun-dried Rattan, hand-woven by artisans with traditional and oriental skills. The natural hues of the Rattan bag have been painted in alternating patterns of Black and Gold painted and has been lined inside with Silk. It has been decorated with carved Nephrite in dragon design at the center.

As a material, Rattan is a naturally growing vine that is native to tropical regions of Asia. Sourced from the Indonesian rainforests, the skin of the vine is peeled away and woven to create various works of art and utility, which Lotus Arts de Vivre transformed into a clutch. The piece was collectively finished in 2.5 Months by over 10 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages.

Carved White Nephrite 60x8mm: 31.450 g.
Ruby: 0.04 ct.
Dimension: 19(W) x 21.5(H) x 8.5(D) cm.
Weight: 281.38 g.

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