Meissen Porcelain and Red Fire Breathing Dragon Vase

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A beautiful Meissen porcelain vase, decorated lavishly with a ref dragon.

Originating in the early 18th century in Meissen, Germany, the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory was the first European factory to produce true porcelain, rivaling the quality of Chinese and Japanese porcelain. The development of Meissen porcelain was a closely guarded secret, involving experimentation with various materials and firing techniques until the formula for true hard-paste porcelain was discovered by the alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger in 1708.

Meissen porcelain vases, along with other forms such as figurines and tableware, quickly gained popularity among European nobility and aristocracy. The vases were not only admired for their delicate beauty but also for their technical innovation and artistic expression. Meissen artisans excelled in intricate hand-painted designs featuring floral motifs, mythological scenes, and elaborate gilding.

Meissen porcelain vases have become highly coveted collector's items, prized for their historical significance, artistic merit, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Size: 11.5(W) x 11.5(L) x 14(H) cm.
Weight: 420 g.

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