Cinnamon Tray with Sterling Silver Dragon

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Intricately cut and assembled Cinnamon sticks transformed into a plate, decorated with  symbolically powerful sterling silver Dragon.  The dragon's eyes are beautifully embellished with blue Turquoise. As an added touch, the plate comes complete with a bottle of cinnamon oil to maintain its delightful fragrance. This versatile plate is perfect for use as a fruit basket or for arranging fresh flowers.
This piece is an inviting sculpture that pulls you in to smell the stunning aroma. The plate can be left as it was created, to be admired or can be a more functional piece in your home whether to hold your fresh flower arrangement or as an extravagant fruit basket. This piece with nearly 400-500 cinnamon sticks took over a month to assemble by over 4 craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia. Thereafter with 6 designers and Silversmiths designed and assembled the animals, taking another 1 month of work to complete this elegant design in Thailand.
As a spirit animal, Dragons traditionally are the embodiment of primordial power, the ultimate ruler of all the elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. It is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and associated with the Earthly branch symbol 辰, pronounced chen. In Chinese folklore, the Dragon of often seen chasing after a flaming Pearl, symbolically associated with energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, and immortality. As a totem, the Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide and is a symbol of good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture.
Size: 36(W) x 37(L) x 10(H) cm. 
Weight: 2.25 kg.

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