Fluttering Lavender Jade Wing Butterfly Brooch

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This Lavender jade butterfly brooch is a true work of art. Its top wings feature delicate lavender jade, while the lower wings showcase intricately carved shell adorned with glistening diamonds and vibrant tourmaline, all set in elegant 9K pink gold. The body of the butterfly is crafted from lustrous 18K yellow gold and is further embellished with radiant rubies and emeralds, adding a touch of timeless beauty to this exquisite piece.

Lavender jade is treasured in the world of jewelry for its rare, delicate lavender hue, a sought-after gemstone due to its scarcity. This variety of jade carries deep cultural significance, particularly in Asian cultures, symbolizing purity, wisdom, and protection. Lavender jade, in particular, is associated with spirituality, inner peace, and balance, and some view it as having calming and healing properties. Craftsmen expertly carve this gemstone to enhance its natural beauty, creating intricate designs that elevate its value. Its high-quality pieces are often semi-translucent, allowing light to pass through, creating an ethereal glow. As a collector's item, it appreciates in value over time, and its customization options, including various shapes and motifs, make it a favored choice for unique, personalized jewelry. Lavender jade's soft pastel color harmonizes beautifully with other gemstones like diamonds, pearls, or colored stones, adding to its appeal as a distinctive and meaningful choice for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike.

It takes approximately 3 months to create this piece with over 6 designers and craftsmen involved.

Diamond: 0.28 ct.
Tourmaline: 0.56 ct.
Jadeite: 6.04 g.

Dimension: 3.72 (W) x 7.48(L) x 1.34(D) cm.
Weight: 33.58 g.

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