“Dragon” Egg

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(Dragon Painted Ostrich Egg by Artist DAMISA with Silver Stand)

In crafting this ostrich egg, my aim was to pay tribute to the upcoming year's zodiac sign, the Dragon, a symbol of power, transformation, and prosperity. I channeled the essence of the Dragon's attributes through a meticulous focus on vibrant, intricate, and intense line work that conveys a sense of speed and dynamism.

The Dragon's energy and fluidity are vividly portrayed as its body seamlessly transforms into a condensed layer of clouds charged with vitality. These clouds appear to pierce through the wind, enveloping and safeguarding the precious egg, establishing the Dragon as its vigilant protector.

Notably, the pattern of lines and colors within the high-contrast clouds and the dark skies deep within each vertically divided section of the egg varies as it is turned, creating ever-changing sky vignettes within a panoramic composition. My intention was for the egg as a whole to exude the magnificent and spiritual presence of the Dragon through its passionate flow—a multi-layered sky in perpetual motion, seamlessly merging and dissolving into the form of a singular, powerful dragon.

Medium: Acrylic on Ostrich Egg
Size: 11.6(W) x 11.6(L) x 17(H) cm.
Weight: 690.48 g.

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