Urashima Tarō and the Princess Turtle Cigar Humidor

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A tastefully designed and crafted Veneer and Cedar lined Humidor, covered with lacquer, decorated with carved shell Samurai and turtle, they are set in gold-plated sterling silver.

Lotus Arts de Vivre cigar humidors are a must-have collectible for cigar aficionados. Luxuriously styled for display in any room, our handcrafted humidors are essential for preserving and aging your premium cigars. Made of veneer finished with farm-bred crocodile skin featuring cedar linings, humidification device to maintain perfect temperature and humidity, maintaining I in between 68-72%.

Historically humidors were always treated as a masculine sign of wealth, critically matted with appreciation of cultural or folk art. Our handcrafted humidors are built precisely to carry on that inheritance. Our humidors are sized for travel and will fit in your dresser or on your desk. They effectively preserve the flavor of cigars and cigarettes, while simultaneously working as a great décor piece for the study.

Samurai, known as "bushi" in Japanese, were the legendary warrior class of feudal Japan. Emerging in the Heian period (794-1185) and reaching their peak during the Edo period (1603-1868), samurai played a crucial role in shaping the country's history and culture. They were not only skilled fighters but also adhered to a strict code of honor and conduct called "Bushido," which guided their actions both on and off the battlefield.

This piece took approximately 3 months labour to finish, with over 5 craftsmen and designers involved from design to production.

Size: 27(W) x 40(L) x 15(H) cm.
Weight: 3.9 kg.

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