Cinnamon Bowl with Silver Monkeys

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IIntricately cut and assembled Cinnamon sticks transformed into a Sculptured Bowl, decorated with playful Sterling Silver monkeys. The bowl comes with brilliant ocean blue glass base created by Seiki Toridge.

This piece is an inviting sculpture that pulls you in to smell the stunning aroma. The bowl can be left as it was created, to be admired or can be a more functional piece in your home whether to hold your fresh flower arrangement or as an extravagant fruit bowl.

This piece with nearly 1,000 cinnamon sticks took over a month to assemble by over 4 craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia. Thereafter with 6 designers and Silversmiths designed and assembled the Silver monkeys, taking another 4 weeks of work to complete this elegant design.

Seiki Torige, from Japan residing in Indonesia, is a glass master that is famous for his hand-blown glass vases, statues, and gargantuan sculptures. Some of which have weighed in excess of 1000 kilos and measured up to 40 meters in length, which are coveted by collectors worldwide.

Size: 63(W) x 68(L) x 40(H) cm.
Weight: 26.3 kg.

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