Glass Bowl with Silver Grape #L

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A beautiful artistic glass bowl made from handmade free-form glass and embellished with Sterling grapes and leaves. In addition to it being a beautiful bowl, this piece can be treated as a central coffee table décor, with flowers or fruits.

Lotus Arts de Vivre and Seiki Torige, in an artistic collaboration, co-created this piece. While master craftsman Seiki combined his skilled artistry to create the glass design, Lotus Arts de Vivre carefully mastered working with Sterling Silver to craft the Silver embellishment. The glass-forming technique that involves working with molten glass into a furnace and then creating the free-form décor and shapes. Since ancient times, this technique has been known as the art of creating decorative glass by manipulating molten glass which artist Seiki Torige has mastered.

This design took approximately 2 months to produce with over 8 craftsmen and designers skillfully finishing this design.

Size: 62(W) x 78(L) x 27(H) cm.
Weight: 24.17 kg.

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