Japanese Lacquer Butler Tray with Bamboo Stand

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A butler tray consisting of large Lacquer tray, crafted and painted in Japan resting on foldable legs made with Bamboo & Pink Galuchat  and embellished with Sterling Silver.

This tray can hold up to 7 Kgs of weight.

The lacquer process is complex. Each layer must be applied, cured to achieve hardening, and then polished before the process can be repeated with the next layer.The Lotus Art de Vivre items are made by the Maki-e techniques, one of the supreme achievements of Japanese decorative art. Real gold and silver metals are used as flakes or particles of various grades, as well as powders to liven up the design.

The folding leg with generous lift-off lacquer tray makes it easy to set up anywhere you plan to serve. It's also great as a small bar or you can also use it to extend a luxury buffet when you have many dishes to serve.

Size: 58(W) x 75(D) x 81(H) cms. , Tray :  47(W) x 69.5(L) x 9(H) cms

Weight  :   5.1 kgs., Tray Weight : 2.1 Kgs

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