Brushed Brass Armchair with Liana Wood and Silver Accents

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A contemporary and robust arm chair covered in pink fabric, beautifully structured with Brushed Brass arms and legs. The brass has been brushed with special tools, creating abrasions that all follow the same direction. These brush marks create a matte effect, which reduces the shine on the brass to create a more subdued, elegant effect. In addition, on the brass handles of the chair, liana wood with Silver accents have been decorated, making this a piece of ‘art to sit on’.

This piece has been co-designed and produced, in an artistic collaboration between two design ateliers – Lotus Arts de Vivre and Muse Design, both based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

The piece took over 10 craftsmen and designers involved in both the ateliers approximately 2 months to complete.

Size: 70(W) x 79(L) x 80(H) cm.
Weight: 32 kg.

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