Antique Pocket Flasks (Set of 19 Pieces)

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Rare collection of pocket flasks, most of them with Sterling Silver caps, covered by various leathers including crocodile leather.

The hip flask as we recognise it today has been around since the 18th century; however they have been used in larger versions for centuries. The popularity of hip flasks surged in the 1920s, when social rebellion reached a high. Men and women started to carry flasks so they could drink discreetly. The sleek profile and contoured shape meant it was easy to slip a hip flask into pockets or to tuck into garters. Despite the ease of alcohol purchase today - the hip flask remains as an iconic symbol of American culture, and today still serves the same discreet purpose, with a more fashionable edge.

5 Big (3 silver + 2 Half): 60,000 Baht / pc.

7 Medium : 50,000 Baht / pc.

7 Small (6 S + 1 leather) : 30,000 Baht / pc.

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