Fitted Gentlemen’s Suitcase by ‘A. Davis, 200 Piccadilly, London’

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Fitted Gentlemen’s Suitcase by ‘A. Davis, 200 Piccadilly, London’.
(Circa, early 20th Century)

An early 20th century tanned Crocodile Leather rectangular suitcase by A Davis, which was sold from the 200 Piccadilly, London, store, with which the vintage suitcase has the initials impressed. The company under which A Davis was registered was called “ A DAVIS (PICCADILLY) LTD” established in 1930, crafting and creating an evocative of an era of glamorous, leisurely travel and old leather cases.

In the early part of the 20th century, luggage became lighter and so more portable, and the century’s most stylish suitcases and briefcases evolved, in glossy crocodile and alligator. Today, while travel is no longer synonymous with luxury, vintage baggage's by old London and French ateliers customizing each piece for their travelers, was considered a form of sophistication for the upwardly and the aristocrats. 

The vintage suitcases features the following items:
Fitted Crocodile leather from the Belly, imprinted with “DAVIS.200.PICCADILLY.W”. The same insignia is also marked on various pieces inside the vintage case.
It has been lined with original silk, left untouched.
Inside, on the hood of the suitcase it has 2 shoe brushes with turtle shell, 2 hairbrushes with Sterling Silver, 1 mirror with turtle shell.
Inside, on the left side of the suitcase, it has 1 Jewelry Box, 1 manicure set, 1 phone book, 1 pocket notebook, 1 wallet.
Inside, on the back it features 8 glass containers that were used to keep moisturizers, shampoo, shaving cream and other liquid toiletry items.
Inside, on the right, it has shoe fitters.
The remaining space was used to pack clothes and shoes which would complete a men’s travel.
The lids and the handles of the pieces here was crafted in Sterling Silver along with a few shells

It is quite rare to find cases with all their antique and original fittings, bottles and equipment, and this Vintage Case is an prime example meant for the true assiduous collector.

Size: 43(W) x 52(L) x 16.5(H) cms.
Weight: 8 kgs. (approx.)

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