Lamp with Mulberry Paper and Lotus Brass Stand

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This lamp has been converted from carved brass lotus design stand. Lotus Arts de Vivre artists have designed the lamp shade with hand crafted Mulberry paper. Set on a black granite base for durable use.

Mulberry paper, known in Thai as “Saa” paper, is Thailand’s traditional handmade decorative paper from the bark of the mulberry tree. It is commonly used in creating paper crafts such as handmade gift boxes, decoration, and traditional paper art. This type of paper is entirely handmade by local talents from the northern region of Thailand. The material used is organic and natural in addition to being environmental friendly.

This unique lamp will brighten up your living quarters with Asian flavor, a stunning piece can be a part of any luxurious living room.

Size: 61(W) x 66(L) x140(H) cms.
Weight: 9.7 kgs.

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