Fern Handbag with Jade, Galuchat Leather and Lacquer Gourd

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This Silver fern design handbag is beautifully decorated with a carved Lavender Jade Pixiu with Diamond eyes, mounted in Gold Plated Sterling Silver, round-shaped knobs and intricately lined with light pink silk on the inside.  The red galuchat leather straps are wrapped with Rembang silk and adorned with a hand painted lacquer gourd.

The piece was finished in 8 weeks by over 6-7 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages

Diamonds: 0.02 ct.
Lavender Jade Pixiu : 11.99 gms.

Dimension : 11.0(W) x 28.0(L) x 30.0(H) cms.

Weight: 1,051.70 gms.

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