Bamboo Clutch with Hand-Painted Dragon and Pink Tourmaline ( Red )

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An exquisite tropical clutch crafted from Indonesian Bamboo, skillfully hand-woven in a traditional wicker style by artisans. The bag is enveloped in cloth, featuring a hand-painted motif depicting a roaring dragon against a vibrant red backdrop. Executed with exceptional skill and oriental traditional techniques, the dragon's eye is adorned with a pink tourmaline set in 9K gold, adding a captivating dimension that brings the entire artwork to life.

This fashionably stylish oriental clutch is functional and equally versatile – perfect for a weekend brunch, a summer night out, a beach escapade and an evening cocktail, all effortlessly elevating a casual yet graceful vibe.

As a process, once the bamboo has been harvested, it is shredded into bamboo fiber strands, before being woven together into various forms. Being a natural material, the organic structure is extremely durable. The technique of weaving the bamboo fibers, ‘wicker’, is a style of weave commonly used for Asian household utility items like baskets and furniture. While it remains popular in antique and vintage designs, it also has modern applications, which Lotus Arts de Vivre pursued in the transformation of this clutch.

Throughout diverse cultures and histories, dragons are woven into a rich tapestry of symbolism. In Chinese lore, they symbolize power, good fortune, and rulership over the elements—Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. As the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is associated with the Earthly branch symbol 辰, pronounced chen. Often depicted chasing a flaming Pearl, it symbolizes energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, and immortality. In Greek myths, dragons intertwine with heroic quests, such as Heracles' encounter with the Ladon. Dragons serve as multifaceted symbols, representing storms or regality, villains or protectors. In East Asian culture, the Dragon, as a totem, is a powerful guardian and guide, symbolizing good luck for those deemed worthy. LAdV embraces this universal allure, blending tradition with modernity to craft expressive, stylish, and playful dragon-themed designs.

The piece was collectively finished in 1.5 months by over 8 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages.

Pink tourmalines: 0.30 ct.
Dimension:6.5 (W) x 29 (L) x15.5(H) cm.
Weight: 251.56 g.

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