Golden Spiritual Eye Handbag

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Black and Gold Handbag with Red Lacquered Liana Wood and Bamboo Handle
Behold this opulent black brocade handbag, elegantly adorned with embellished in 24K gold leaf, creating a stunning cloud-inspired design. The opening mechanism is a true masterpiece, adorned with internally flawless Kundan crystal. Completing its exquisite design is a handle crafted from a combination of Liana wood and Bamboo, finished in a rich red lacquer.
As symbols Clouds were created between earth and heaven, they symbolize the celestial realm. Clouds produce rain that brings benefits to the world. Clouds are also one of the most important elements in Chinese traditional paintings. Clouds are also symbols of celestial mobility because many gods and immortals used the cloud as a vehicle on which they traveled. Scrolling clouds are associated with deities, foretelling their arrival.
It takes approximately 3 months to create this piece with over 6 designers and craftsmen involved.

White Crystal 8.17 ct.
Dimension: 12(W) x 23(L) x 33(H) cm.
Weight: 738.43 g.

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