Dancing Peacock Jade Ring

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The exquisite "Yue-Yi Peacock Jade Ring," a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. This stunning piece of jewelry is a harmonious blend of Burmese Jade, precious gemstones, and fine metals, expertly crafted to capture the elegance of a peacock in all its splendor.
At the heart of this remarkable ring is a magnificent piece of Burma Jade, skillfully carved to resemble the graceful body of a peacock in all its grandeur. The vibrant green hue of the jade is reminiscent of the peacock's resplendent plumage, showcasing the artisan's exceptional attention to detail. The natural patterns and translucence of the jade create a mesmerizing canvas for this avian masterpiece.

The peacock's regal head, a symbol of beauty and grace, is adorned with a luxurious array of diamonds and a radiant ruby. The brilliant diamonds glisten like dewdrops on the feathers, reflecting the mesmerizing play of light. The exquisite ruby, positioned as the peacock's crown, adds a touch of opulence, symbolizing passion and vitality.

The 9k gold setting that encases the peacock's head is a testament to the commitment to quality and elegance in this design. The rich, warm gold complements the jade, diamonds, and ruby, enhancing their beauty and making them truly stand out.

The peacock's majestic tail, which showcases an intricate pattern of carved emerald and
baguette diamonds. The emeralds, with their lush green color, emulate the captivating allure of the peacock's tail feathers. The baguette diamonds, arranged meticulously, create a dazzling display of light and brilliance, emphasizing the peacock's regal charm.

The jades are special – originated in Myanmar and was hand carved in China. Although jadeite deposits are found throughout the world (Guatemala, Japan, Russia, and California), Burma remains the primary source of best jade, hidden in the mountains where geography, soil, and climate all come together to produce the finest. The sourcing of the Jade from Myanmar and carving it in China began in 1780’s with Emperor Qianlong, who extended China's jurisdiction into northern Burma, calling it the “Imperial Gem”. Jade was therefore used for the finest objects and cult figures and for grave furnishings for high-ranking members of the Imperial family. They were also carriers of Chinese traditional arts and literature and were representative of its user's personal aesthetic sense and their social status, especially the imperial courts.

This piece took approximately 3 months to finish, with over 7 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.
Diamonds: 1.32 ct.
Rubies: 0.05 ct.
Natural Zambian Emerald Leaf: 3.06 ct.
Carved Green Jade ring: 14.71 g.

Size: 56
Weight: 25.22 g.

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