Sunflower Jade Ring

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This stunning ring showcases a finely crafted Jade top adorned with diamonds and accents of vibrant red stones, beautifully encased in luxurious 14K Gold. It gracefully rests upon a black wood band ring, with a discreet silver reinforcement beneath, ensuring the durability of the delicate wood band. The seamless fusion of these exceptional materials results in the birth of an enduring and timeless work of art.
This piece took 2 months to finish with over 6 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages

Diamond 0.27 ct
Green Jade 11.50 ct
Red Stone 0.2 g

Size: 52
Dimension:2.59(W) x 3.99(L) x 3.68(H) cm.
Weight: 14.99 g.

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