Bamboo Basket Handbag with Scarab, Diamond and Gourd

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Antique Japanese Obi, painstakingly crafted into a bag, jewelled beautifully by Lotus Arts de Vivre. The décor of the bag is carved black wood beads inlaid with scarab and Black Rhodium plated Sterling Silver frame, Sterling Silver handle and sterling silver stands on which the bag rests firm. It is embellished with Gold Plated Sterling Silver lock which is set with rose cut Diamonds. On its side, a Chinese spiritual gourd hangs by bringing a touch of elegance to the design.

The tiny dwarfed gourds have been in the private collection of the von Buerens, sourced during their decades of travels to China and the Far-East. The gourds recently came out of the von Bueren ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and were soon sent to China, commissioned to be lacquered by artists, each one individually. Gourds have a much deeper meaning in Chinese culture. Drying and painting them for Chinese people is an art and fengshui. Gourds in China were used as charms for scaring away malefic spirits and used as magic potions to avoid diseases - overall signifying protection, blessing and luck.

The inspiration of this bag came from Bamboo baskets in East Asian cultures, where pigs were hunted and carried to the homes for a feast in the villages.

After sourcing the materials, this piece took 4 weeks to complete.

White rose cut Diamonds: 0.14 ct.
Dimension : 37.5(H) x 31(L) x 19.5(W) cm.
Weight: 724.45 gms.

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