Maki-e Lacquered Japanese Tea Caddy

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Japanese traditional Urushi lacquered wooden tea caddy, from the Meiji-Taisho Period (1868-1926), made in 1880-1920.

The caddies generally referred to as chaki are relatively small lidded containers, and are not storage vessels. In preparing to perform a tea-making procedure (temae), the host carefully selects the caddy for the matcha that will be used, and, as an important part of the preparations, neatly places the matcha into it. The chaki is chosen to harmonize with the other equipment used for the occasion, and the chaki is among the items the guests pay particular attention to.

This Japanese Lacquer collection is a result of the von Buren trips to Japan and its various antique fairs, where this entire lot was collected, that ranges from 70 to over 250 years.

Box with Handle Size: 26.5x36x31 cms (Box size: 26.5 x 36 x 10 cms.)
Weight: 2.8 kgs. 

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