Prayer Bead Necklace with Dokrak, Turquoise, Ruby and Black Agate

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Lotus has selected nice prayer beads and coated them with gold leaves, these are then combined with Natural Burmese Pink Ruby beads, Blue Turquoise beads, Dok Rak and Black Agate beads. 

The Necklace is perfectly suited for everyday sophisticated wear – a weekend brunch, a summer night out, an evening cocktail, all effortlessly elevating a casual yet graceful vibe.

Prayer Beads, or Rudraksha, is a seed that is used to chant prayers in Hinduism. The seeds are associated with the Hindu Lord Shiva and are commonly worn for protection and for chanting mantras such as ‘Om Namah Shiva’. The seeds are primarily sourced from India, Indonesia and Nepal for Jewellery and Malas; they are valued similarly to semi-precious stones. Various meanings and interpretations are attributed to the beads and they remain highly prized and valuable.

The piece was finished in 5 weeks by over 5 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages of its inspired décor.

Natural Burmese Pink Ruby : 12.29 ct.
Turquoise : 8.60 g.
Black agate : 3.07 g.
Circumference : 28 inches
Net weight: 54.39 g.

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