“Davy Jones” – Pirates of the Caribbean” Inspired Octopus Brooch

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Inspired by Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean, comes this magnificent masterpiece brooch, with the octopus head meticulously hand-carved from Tamarind wood by skilled artisans. It comes with a fabric necklace and can be transformed into a pendant. The octopus's fire design is decorated with Rhodolite in 18K yellow gold-plated sterling silver setting, and its eyes are adorned with large free-form Emerald decorations that add a touch of radiance. The brooch is set in black rhodium-plated sterling silver, ensuring both its beauty and durability.

Tamarind wood is an excellent choice for jewelry due to its exceptional resistance to decay and insects, as well as its lightweight properties. Additionally, the brooch's center tentacle features a diamond, while each of the other tentacles is adorned with various sizes of diamonds, making it an eye-catching piece.

This piece took 2 months to finish with over 5 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Carved Wooden Skull Octopus : 93.95 g.
Emerald : 10.34 ct.
Rhodolite : 8.05 ct.
White Diamonds : 4.16 ct.
Dimension : 10.5(L)x5.7(W)x6.5(D) cm.
Weight : 1 set = 151.5 g. : Skull Brooch = 106.94 g. : Fabric NL 25.5” = 27.42 g.
: Pendant Converter = 17.14 g.

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