Frilled Antique Collar Necklace

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Lotus Arts de Vivre presents an incredible collar necklace with antique fabric, carved red stone, diamonds, and golden ‘endless knots’ all coming together in a dictated a magical harmony of a design.

The main material used in this exquisite necklace is Lotus Arts de Vivre's private antique fabric collection, which adds a touch of elegance and history to the design. The centerpiece of the necklace features a carved Red Stone and rose-cut Diamonds, complemented by an Endless Knot and Pearl at the end seam, all set in 18K gold. The lock is an 18K gold chain with a Pearl, and the collar has been reinforced with leather backing for added durability. A beautiful bouquet of carved red stone flowers adorns the necklace, serving as a fine finishing touch to this stunning piece. These intricate details are expertly hand-embroidered by Indian master craftsmen, adding to the necklace's unique and exceptional quality.

About the Floral Carved Red Stone

The carved red stone was originally a part of a Geisha’s kimono lock from the 1920’s, sourced from Japan a few decades ago and designed onto this piece.

About the “Srivatsa” or the “Endless Knots”
“Srivatsa” or the “Endless Knot” or “Eternal Knot” is a symbolic knot across many Asian cultures and religions. The symbolism also became a unique traditional art form originating in China, made by weaving a single piece of thread into various shapes and designs that hold special meanings, representing eternity, unity, and interconnectedness of all things, and offering protection against malignant spirits; the knot also symbolizes the unending compassion and wisdom of the Buddha, and is believed to have evolved into protective dragons in eastern iconography, with the symbol of Srivatsa adopted by many religions including Brahmin-Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, appearing on the chest of Vishnu, Tirthankara, and on Buddha's footprint, signifying ultimate knowledge and auspicious for these religions; the Srivatsa symbol first appeared during the period of Shunka dynasty in India.

After sourcing the collar, the design took over 8 months to create and finish with over 10 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Diamonds : 0.59 ct.
Black Agate Round Beads : 0.05 g.
White Pearl FW : 0.17 g.
White Pearl Beads : 0.44 g.
Red Stone : 13.78 g.

Dimension : 11.2ZH)x42.5(W)x1.35(D) cm.
Length : 14.5” to 15.25”
Weight : 120.08 g.

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