Swirling Snake Necklace in Green Enamel

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A strikingly beautiful snake necklace with its swirling graceful movement depicted in the design – green enamel snake head and tail with studded with diamonds and tsavorites in 14K gold; corkscrew vine that forms the foundation of the necklace; an extension tail intricately sown with together in white pearls; all sumptuously textured, outrageously glamorous and exquisitely graceful.

The enamel crafts in India are one of the most famous handmade enamel efforts in the world. It requires exquisite expertise to work with the enameling technique. The technique was introduced to Indian craftsmen from the courts of Mogul emperor Akbar and become established in several center in North India, such as Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Benares and Sindh, each one developing its own styles and colors. In using enamel raw texture and the temperature, they must be accurate at the certain point in order to set perfectly on the bend surface.

For pieces like these, Rolf von Bueren’s inspiration starts with seeing natural objects. He then combines these precious organic forms of nature and with precious gem stones to bring out the key features of the design, in this case being the organic form of the wood and the movement of the snake.

From artistic conceptualization to design to finishing this piece took more than 3 months to complete with over 10 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Rose cut Diamonds: 0.72 ct.
Tsavorites: 1.99 ct.
Pearls: 36.16 g.
Circumference: 15 inch.
Weight: 152.06 g.

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