Citrine Eyed Jade Earrings

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Introducing Burma Carved Jade Earrings, a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty of Burmese jade, meticulously adorned with the brilliance of Citrine, the lush green allure of Tsavorite, and the everlasting sparkle of Diamonds. These remarkable earrings are thoughtfully set in radiant 9K gold, marrying the elegance of gold with the enchantment of Burma Carved Jade.
This piece took over 2 months to finish, with over 6 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Diamond 0.31 ct.
Citrine 9.03 ct.
Tsavotite 0.07 ct.
Jadeite 1.28 g.

Dimension: 1.7(W) x 4.8(L) x 0.82(D) cm.
Weight: 13.57 g.

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