Scarab ‘Leaf’ Earrings with Pearl and Ruby

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18K gold earrings is designed with scarab beetle-wing tassels, Burmese Ruby beads mounted, and Basra Pearls. The scarab wings are  backed in 18K gold. The pins and clips are 18K gold.

A design like this is usually worn for casual day based cocktail gatherings where the light of the day brings out the life of these designs in its iridescence shades.

The scarab wings have exciting characteristics of colour, fluorescent with different shades of blue, green, orange, purple etc. lasting 100 years and more. Pruducing scarab designs is a painsstaking process where each scarabae piece is carefully selected according to color and is shaved to thickness and then glued on. Each piece takes typically 5-10 minutes of work, and with each piece of Jewelry having anywhere between 50 to 1,000 scarab pieces, they become timeless pieces. Historically, the scarab beetle was admired because of its reproduction process which seems miraculous. The Egyptians made it a god like creature and the Chinese put a jade scarab into the mouth and ears of the diseased emperors to help find a peace in their afterlife.

This piece took 12 craftsmen and designers 2 months to produce.

Burmese Ruby: 20.30 cts.

Dimension : 8.2(L) x  2.6(W) x 2.5(D) cms.

Weight: 50.51 gms.

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