18K Yellow Gold Earrings with Diamonds, and Columbian Emerald Pendant

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18K Yellow Gold Earrings with Diamonds, elegantly decorated with a Columbian Emerald drop. Emeralds are very soft and are among the most sought after of all gemstones, and have been prized for centuries. While this quintessentially green gemstone is mined in a number of different regions around the world, the most popular mines and expensive Emeralds come from Panjshir Valley, in Afghanistan, Columbia and Zambia.

Everlasting Love Collection: Love is a choice, an emotion, a moment of faith where we decide with delightful weakness in the knees, or a shoulder we seek in tiresome needs – a soulful expression of belonging. At Lotus Arts de Vivre we strive to capture that – to accompany you in these beautiful, everlasting moments together. The designs of ‘Everlasting Love’ were born from the creativity Thai-Italian master craftsmen working together where the ‘everlasting’ bond of the Titanium is merged with the ‘love’ of Gold laying a ‘memory wire’ foundation, which when bent springs back to its original form. The designs were then painstakingly jewelled with nimble hands forming intimate heart-shaped jewelry and symbols of everlasting love, each new design being a powerful symbol of our legacy of love, ready to be cherished for generations. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is no better moment to express oneself, than with these pieces of thoughtful, exquisite, and intricately crafted jewellery, giving the emotion everlasting permanence to celebrate every lifelong moment because – Jewellery should not be an end by itself, but a means to express heartfelt emotions. The collection of soft, shiny, and sophisticated designs include innately romantic Necklaces, Rings, Earrings and Bracelets entailing a taste of luxury and a celebration of lifelong moments.

Columbian Emerald: 3.25 cts.
Diamond: 0.80 ct.
Weight: 1.71 gms.

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