Imperial Carved Jade and Black Wood Ring

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This exceptional ring showcases a meticulously carved jade flower design atop the ring, embellished with diamonds and ruby accents. It is expertly crafted in lustrous 18K yellow gold, following a Chinese design aesthetic. This elegant piece gracefully sits on a black wood band ring with a silver inner lining. The seamless fusion of these exquisite materials results in the creation of a truly timeless masterpiece.
This piece took 2 months to finish with over 6 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages

Diamond 0.46 ct.
Ruby 0.51 ct.
Jadeite 1.64 g.

Size: 54
Dimension: 1.92(W) x 3.6(L) x 3.17(H) cm.
Weight: 19.79 g.

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