Feathered and Crowned Catarina Mouro Brooch

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A tastefully designed Mouro Brooch, elegantly feathered, beautifully gowned and majestically crowned.

The turban and the crown is designed with Tsavorites and Diamonds, the body is designed with iridescent Scarab wings, and carved red stone in 18K Gold setting. The carved red stone was originally a part of a Geisha’s kimono lock from the 1920’s, sourced from Japan a few decades ago and designed onto this piece. The Mouro has been adorned with a pair of beautiful Ruby Earrings. The delicate face of the Mouro has been carved skillfully from ebony wood, which is finely textured with a smooth finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood
For over two decades, Lotus Arts de Vivre has been creating one of the most iconic pieces of Jewellery, the Tête de Maure, also known as or mouros or morettos, which were the rage of Venetian high society since the 17th - 18th century as a result of an obsession with orientalism. Mouro Jewelry originated in medieval Venice when it was fashionable for high class Venetians to be followed by young boys, called Mouros, dressed in extravagant jewels and fabulous costumes. Even when this practice stopped, people continued wearing Jewelry depicting these gorgeous boys as good luck Charms.

Not only is a mouro a fine piece of Jewellery that demands the highest skills of a master Jeweller in the cutting, carving and setting of the stones and the wood, it is a piece of artistry in the elements of design and artistry, most notably the facial features that have to be beautiful and lifelike, much like this piece.This work of art has been painstakingly crafted in over 4 months by 8 craftsmen and designers involved in various stages of production.

Tsavorite : 0.13 ct.
Ruby Red : 0.07 ct.
Diamonds : 0.68 ct.
Pearl : 0.31 g.
Red Stone Carve Flower : 8.18 g.
Dimension : Brooch = 15.4(L)x5.38(W)x2.7(D) cm.
Stand = 12(L)x12(W)x13(H) cm.
Weight : Brooch = 59.06 g. ,
Stand = 474.93 g

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