Silver Collar Deer Walking Stick

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A quirky and amusing Rattan Walking stick made with a deer horn handle and intricately crafted with Silver Nielloware at the neck of the Bird with a Red stone eye. The Thai Nielloware technique involves carving a design into the silver, then using Niello to fill in the negative space. The piece is then baked in an open fire to harden, cooled, and polished smooth. Additional fine details was added by hand by silver artisans. 

 Silver Niello was used on a variety of objects including sword hilts, chalices, plates, horns, adornment for horses, jewellery, belt buckles and the like. It was also used to fill in the letters in inscriptions engraved  on metal. During the Renaissance, at the height of its popularity, the technique was widely used for the embellishment of public workshop objects and for the decoration of such utilitarian objects as cups, boxes, knife handles. Before filling in the incised design with Silver Niello, Renaissance metalsmiths commonly made a record of the design by making a sulfur cast of the engraved metal plate or by taking its impression on paper.

 The Niello Art Work took almost two months to complete, and thereafter another two weeks to finish the piece with six craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

 Size: 20(W) x 100(L) cm.

Weight : 513 g.

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