Zambian Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring

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A Zambian emerald ring, exquisitely studded with a wide array of diamonds. At the center of this exquisite piece is a sugarloaf Zambian emerald, its rich green hue reminiscent of the deep forests of Zambia. This captivating gemstone is framed by a square of sparkling baguette diamonds, each one meticulously set to create a seamless halo that enhances the emerald’s natural beauty. The ring’s allure is further amplified by additional baguette diamonds cascading down the sides, leading to an array of round brilliant cut diamonds that provide a dazzling contrast. The entire masterpiece is set in 18K gold.

Zambian emeralds are treasured for their exceptional quality and distinctive green color, attributed to their unique geological makeup. Discovered in the 1920s, it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that their true worth became widely acknowledged. The Kagem mine in Zambia is renowned for yielding some of the most extraordinary emeralds, including the famed “Inkalamu” or “Lion Emerald.” These gems are quite durable, with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, yet they remain delicate and require expert handling to be fashioned without harm. The classic emerald cut, with its iconic beveled edges and rectangular shape, is crafted to enhance the stone’s natural beauty and reduce the risk of breakage. Historically, emeralds have been symbols of majesty and allure, gracing royal regalia and featuring in ancient myths as emblems of prestige and eternal elegance.

Zambian Sugarloaf Emerald: 5.94 ct.
Baguette Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 1.77 ct. (G-H color / VVS clarity)

Size: #52
Weight: 13.39 g.

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