Ceylon Sapphire Serenity Ring with Golconda

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A majestic ring, with a large blue Ceylon sapphire, its vibrant hue reminiscent of the deep ocean, offering a glimpse into the soul of Sri Lanka’s gemstone legacy. This majestic sapphire is flanked by two pear-shaped Golconda diamonds, rare and historic, their brilliance a testament to the legendary mines of India. Adorning the sides, square Ceylon sapphires add a geometric harmony, while round brilliant cut diamonds provide a scintillating frame, their light reflecting the ring’s luxurious composition. All these precious stones are meticulously set in 18K gold, whose rich tone complements the cool blue of the sapphires and the bright sparkle of the diamonds, enhancing the ring’s overall allure.

Ceylon sapphires, originating from Sri Lanka — formerly known as Ceylon — are among the most prized sapphires in the world. Ceylon sapphires are celebrated for their range of colors, especially the coveted “cornflower blue” hue, which is a vibrant medium blue with a soft velvety appearance. These gemstones are mined primarily in the region of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, known as the “City of Gems.” The island’s unique geological conditions, with its rocks such as granite, gneiss, and schist, contribute to the formation of these exquisite sapphires. Ceylon sapphires are known for their exceptional quality and clarity, with fewer inclusions compared to sapphires from other locations. The royal blue Ceylon sapphire is particularly famous for its intense color. The most notable example is the engagement ring given to Princess Diana, which featured a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire. 

'Old Golconda Old Pear Cut' diamonds are celebrated for their exceptional quality and historical significance. Originating from India's legendary Golconda mines, these diamonds are among the purest in the world. Classified as Type IIa, they consist almost entirely of pure carbon, free from nitrogen impurities, resulting in unmatched clarity and colorlessness. The 'Old Cut' style, prevalent before modern diamond cutting techniques, includes the distinctive 'Pear' shape, a blend of round and marquise cuts creating a unique teardrop form. These antique cuts produce a softer, more diffused light reflection compared to contemporary cuts. Active from the 16th to 18th centuries, the Golconda mines produced diamonds that have adorned royalty and inspired legends. Since the mines were depleted by the early 18th century, these diamonds are exceedingly rare today. Thus, 'Old Golconda Old Pear Cut' diamonds are not merely gemstones; they are historical artifacts representing centuries of craftsmanship and the opulence of a bygone era. 

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Oval: 5 ct.(Approx.) / 1 pc
Ceylon Blue Sapphire small squares: 11 ct.(Approx.)
Old Golconda Old Cut Pear Shaped Diamonds: 1.50 ct.(Approx.) / 2 pcs
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 2 ct.(Approx.)

Size: #52.5
Weight: 12.25 g.

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