Old Archers ring with Rubies & Diamond Polkis with old Enamel in 22/24K Gold

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An old archer’s ring, over 100 years old, belonging to a royal family in India. The ring has been embellished with old natural Burmese rubies, old diamond polkis and old enamel work, All setting atop the ring is 24K gold, while the ring is 22K gold. 

In ancient India, bows and arrows were used for hunting quit-footed game at close range or over long distances. The thumb hooks around the bowstring to draw the bow. Archer’s rings were worn to protect the inside of the thumb. They could have also been worn as a costume accessory to Maharajahs, elaborately decorated with fine inlays to convey rank and social status.

Polki is a diamond in its most natural form—uncut, unfaceted, and unpolished. The diamond does not undergo several stages of processing to take on its ultimate shape as polished diamonds do. These diamonds are used in their natural form without any physical or chemical treatment.

Burmese Rubies, a precious subset within the corundum family, stand as the epitome of rarity and value. Their hues span from delicate pinks to intense pigeon blood red, a shade deemed the pinnacle of ruby excellence. Renowned for their exquisite beauty, enduring durability, and scarcity, the primary determinant of a ruby's worth lies in the quality of its color. The demand for gem-grade Burmese Rubies has remained steadfast throughout history, with mining records tracing back nearly five centuries in Burma. These rubies adorned the collections of Maharajas and Royal Dynasties during the illustrious Mughal era, securing their place as prized possessions of unparalleled allure and significance.

Old Natural Burmese Rubies: 1.50 ct. approx 
Old Diamond Polkis: 1.00 ct. approx.

Size : 68
Weight: 32.870 g.

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