Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Cascade Earrings

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These earrings feature a mesmerizing silhouette that draws inspiration from the grand chandeliers of palatial ballrooms, designed to capture the light and the eyes of admirers. At the heart of each earring is a Ceylon blue sapphire oval, totaling 3.15 carats for both pieces, radiating a serene yet striking blue hue. Complementing the central gem are square-cut Ceylon blue sapphires, adding an additional 2.51 carats of splendor. A luxurious cascade of diamonds falls from the sapphire centerpiece, with four baguette-cut diamonds totaling 0.26 carats and a generous array of round brilliant cut diamonds weighing in at 4.41 carats. Crafted in 10K/18K gold, these earrings offer a choice of purity to match personal preferences and ensure a perfect blend of strength and beauty. The elongated, ornate silhouette of the earrings creates a dramatic effect, perfect for evening wear or special occasions where elegance is key.

Ceylon sapphires, originating from Sri Lanka — formerly known as Ceylon — are among the most prized sapphires in the world. Ceylon sapphires are celebrated for their range of colors, especially the coveted “cornflower blue” hue, which is a vibrant medium blue with a soft velvety appearance. These gemstones are mined primarily in the region of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, known as the “City of Gems.” The island’s unique geological conditions, with its rocks such as granite, gneiss, and schist, contribute to the formation of these exquisite sapphires. Ceylon sapphires are known for their exceptional quality and clarity, with fewer inclusions compared to sapphires from other locations. The royal blue Ceylon sapphire is particularly famous for its intense color. The most notable example is the engagement ring given to Princess Diana, which featured a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ovals: 3.15 ct. / 2 pcs.
Ceylon Blue Sapphire Squares: 2.51 ct. 
Baguette Cut Diamonds: 0.26 ct. / 4 pcs. 
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 4.41 ct. (G-H color / VVS clarity) 

Dimension: 7.38(L) x 2.44(L) x 0.62 (D) cm.
Weight: 23.57 g.

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