French Enamel (Plique-à-jour) Ring with Diamonds

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French Plique-à-jour enamel floral ring, featuring a trio of blossoms, each meticulously crafted with the Plique-à-jour technique, allowing light to dance through the translucent enamel petals. Our ring showcases three flowers, each with petals of radiant French enamel. The petal edges are graced with the vintage charm of rose cut diamonds, while the heart of each bloom glistens with a round brilliant cut diamond, offering a dazzling display of light and luxury. All elements come together in a harmonious setting of 14K gold, which provides a sumptuous backdrop for the colorful enamel and sparkling diamonds. 

Plique-à-jour, a term derived from French, loosely means ‘allowing daylight to pass through.’ This enameling technique involves applying translucent enamel onto metal frameworks without any backing, resulting in a stained-glass-like effect. Also known as ‘backless cloisonné,’ it employs delicate strands of precious metals, typically gold or silver, to create compartments that distinctively isolate the various enamel hues in the artwork. Plique-à-jour is considered one of the most challenging enameling techniques due to its intricate and time-consuming nature. The technique’s difficulty is compounded by a high failure rate and the fragility of the finished product. Mastering plique-à-jour is quite rare among artisans. The secrets of the technique have historically been closely guarded, leading to a loss of knowledge and limited guidance for teaching and passing on the skills. Today, it remains a highly specialized and relatively rare form of decorative art, demanding not only patience and skill but also a deep understanding of the materials and processes involved

Rose Cut Diamonds : 0.60 ct.(Approx.)
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds : 2.0 ct.(Approx.)

Size : #53
Weight : 11.99 g.

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