Jeweled Harvest ‘Tutty Fruity’ Earrings

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A vibrant celebration of nature’s bounty, crafted with a cornucopia of precious gemstones. These earrings are a testament to the beauty of the earth’s treasures, meticulously set in gleaming 18K gold.

Ruby Carved Leaves: Four Burmese Ruby leaves, totaling 3.12 carats, are intricately carved to capture the essence of autumn’s splendor.

Blue Sapphire Leaves: Two Burmese Blue Sapphire leaves, totaling 2.85 carats, add a touch of serene elegance, reminiscent of a clear sky.

Yellow Sapphire Leaves: The warmth of the sun is embodied in two Burmese Yellow Sapphire leaves, weighing 3.75 carats.

Emerald Melon Beads: At the core, two Zambian Emerald melon beads, weighing 22.35 carats, glisten with the fresh dew of a spring morning.

Emerald Carved Leaves: Complementing the melon beads are four Zambian Emerald leaves, carved to perfection, totaling 4.87 carats.

Diamonds: Encircling these colorful gems are 0.88 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds, providing a dazzling frame that enhances the overall radiance.

These earrings are a wearable work of art that celebrates the rich tapestry of colors found in nature’s palette.

Natural Burmese Ruby Carved Leaves: 3.12 ct. / 4 pcs. 
Natural Zambian Emerald Melon beads: 22.35 ct. / 2 pcs 
Natural Zambian Emerald Carved Leaves: 4.87 ct. / 4 pcs. 
Natural Burmese Blue Sapphire Carved Leaves: 2.85 ct. / 2 pcs 
Natural Burmese Yellow Sapphire Carved Leaves: 3.75 ct.  / 2 pcs 
Natural Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 0.88 ct.

Dimension: 5.01(L) x 1.51(W) x 1.28(D) cm.
Weight: 16.70 g.

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