Burmese Ruby, Basra Pearl and Golconda Diamond Harmony Ring

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This exquisite ring features alternating lines of old natural Burmese rubies, each line telling a story of Burma’s rich gemstone past. The rubies, known for their deep red hue and exceptional clarity, are complemented by the legendary old Golconda diamonds, both in European and single cuts, which add a touch of historical grandeur with their unparalleled brilliance. The setting of the rubies and diamonds is done in 9K gold, while the ring’s shank is crafted from 18K gold.

Golconda diamonds are treasured for their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship. Originating from the legendary Golconda mines in India, these diamonds are known for their pure and colorless quality, often classified as Type IIa, which is chemically the purest form of diamond. The Old European Cut is a specific style of diamond cutting that was popular from 1890 to 1930. These diamonds are characterized by their round shape, high crown, deep pavilion, and large facets, which produce a distinctive sparkle with a soft, warm glow. Unlike modern diamonds that are cut with precision machinery, Old European Cut diamonds were cut by hand, giving each stone a unique charm and slightly asymmetrical appearance. They are rare because the Golconda mines were depleted over time, and the art of hand-cutting diamonds in this old style has largely been replaced by modern cutting techniques. This makes Golconda not only rare but also highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the historical value and unique beauty of these gems.

The old natural Burmese rubies hold a captivating allure due to their unique characteristics and historical significance. These rubies, originating from the Mogok region in Myanmar (formerly Burma), are prized for their rich red color and exceptional clarity. 

Basra Pearls, originating from the Basra region in the Persian Gulf, are among the most treasured gems in the world of jewelry. Their rarity stems from the fact that they are no longer found in their natural habitat due to overfishing and environmental changes. These pearls are steeped in history, dating back centuries, and are now nearly impossible to find, making them highly valuable and sought after by collectors. The difficulty in acquiring Basra Pearls lies in their scarcity; they must be sourced from various locations globally and matched, which is a painstaking and meticulous process. Their significance extends beyond beauty, as they are believed to hold astrological power in Vedic traditions, adding to their allure and importance. 

Old Natural Burmese Ruby squares: 1.00 ct. (Approx.)
Old Natural Basra Pearl: 1 pc. / 0.90-1.00 ct. (Approx.) 
Old Golconda Old European Cut and Single Cut Diamonds: 0.45-0.50  ct. (Approx.) 

Size: 50
Weight: 2.55 g.

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