Ruby Blossom Diamond Earrings

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A pair of ruby and diamond earrings, a stunning creation that marries the fiery allure of Mozambique rubies with the timeless sparkle of diamonds. Each earring features a charming five-petaled flower at its heart, each petal intricately set with a round brilliant cut diamond. Encircling this diamond core is a bloom of larger petals, each one a luscious Mozambique ruby. The ruby petals are beautifully framed by a delicate encasement of more round brilliant cut diamonds, enhancing the rubies’ deep color and adding an extra layer of luminosity. All these precious stones are set in polished 14K gold, which provides a warm, luxurious backdrop. 

The Montepuez ruby mine in northeastern Mozambique is one of the most significant ruby deposits in the world. Despite the challenging conditions, the rubies extracted here are of remarkable quality. Mozambique rubies are celebrated for their vibrant red color and exceptional clarity, making them a coveted choice for fine jewelry. These rubies often exhibit a rich, pigeon-blood red hue, which is considered the most desirable color for rubies. They typically have fewer inclusions, which enhances their overall appearance and value. Although rubies have been known for centuries, Mozambique rubies were only discovered in 2009, making them a relatively new addition to the gemstone market. Due to their deep red color and high quality, Mozambique rubies have had a significant impact on the jewelry industry. 

Mozambique Rubies: 6.96 ct. / 12 pcs.
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 1.89 ct. (G-H color / VVS clarity)

Dimension: 2.27(L) x 2.27(W) x 0.95(D) cm. 
Weight: 20.94 g.

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