Celestial Azure Diamond and Enamel Cufflinks

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An elegant blue enamel and diamond studded pair of cufflinks. At the core of each cufflink sits a round brilliant cut diamond, a beacon of light and luxury. Encircling this luminous center is a band of deep blue enamel, reminiscent of the midnight sky, which is then framed by another circle of dazzling diamonds. Beyond the diamonds, star-like patterns emerge, set with more diamonds and interspersed with blue enamel, evoking the celestial dance of the stars. The outermost edge is a constellation of diamonds, completing the journey. All elements are meticulously set in 18K gold, from the diamond post to the toggle, ensuring both beauty and durability.

Cufflinks, the elegant accessories that secure the cuffs of dress shirts, have a rich history that dates back several centuries. The concept of cufflinks emerged around the 13th century when shirt cuffs were held together with ribbons, ties, and strings. As men’s fashion evolved, so did the design of cuffs. In the 17th century, tailors began using ornamental buttons connected by a chain to fasten cuffs, leading to the creation of early forms of cufflink. King Charles II of England, known for his impeccable style, popularized cufflinks by wearing them regularly, influencing public opinion and setting a trend among the upper classes. During the Victorian period, cufflink designs became more extravagant, often adorned with intricate designs and precious gemstones. Cufflinks have since evolved, but they continue to be a symbol of sophistication and a staple in formal attire. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds : 0.91 ct.

Dimension : 1.64(L) x 1.64(W) x 0.36(D) cm.
Weight : 13.360 g. 

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