Green Chalcedony and Golconda Crown Ring

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This exquisite piece features a serene green Chalcedony, a gemstone celebrated for its soothing hues and believed to foster self-compassion and renewal. Crowning this tranquil stone is a Golconda diamond, a rare jewel with a legacy of purity and unparalleled brilliance. Flanking this central vision are rows of old natural Burmese rubies, their fiery reds embodying passion and nobility, sourced from the storied valleys of Myanmar. Complementing these are round brilliant cut diamonds, each facet meticulously crafted to capture and reflect every glimmer of light. The entire assemblage on 18K gold, including the shank, providing a perfect canvas for the ring’s precious constituents

Old Golconda old European cut diamonds are treasured for their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship. Originating from the legendary Golconda mines in India, these diamonds are known for their pure and colorless quality, often classified as Type IIa, which is chemically the purest form of diamond. The Old European Cut is a specific style of diamond cutting that was popular from 1890 to 1930. These diamonds are characterized by their round shape, high crown, deep pavilion, and large facets, which produce a distinctive sparkle with a soft, warm glow. Unlike modern diamonds that are cut with precision machinery, Old European Cut diamonds were cut by hand, giving each stone a unique charm and slightly asymmetrical appearance. The rarity of Old Golconda diamonds stems from their limited supply. The Golconda mines were depleted by the early 18th century, making these diamonds exceedingly rare. Today, less than 2% of the world’s diamonds can be classified as Golconda, which speaks to their scarcity and the high esteem in which they are held by collectors and connoisseurs alike. 

The old natural Burmese rubies hold a captivating allure due to their unique characteristics and historical significance. These rubies, originating from the Mogok region in Myanmar (formerly Burma), are prized for their rich red color and exceptional clarity.

Green Chalcedony: 8-9 ct. (Approx.)
Burmese Ruby squares: 4 pcs. / 0.30  ct.(Approx.)  
Old Golconda Old European Cut center Diamond: 1 pc. / 0.45-0.50 ct. (Approx.)  
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 0.50 ct. (Approx.) 
Size: 52
Weight: 6.56 g.

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