Crystal Goblet Set with Red Lacquer Base (3pcs/set)

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Wine Goblet Set with Red Lacquer Base adorned with hand-carved dragons set on mouth blown crystal glass with cloud design.

The stem is made from Carbon Fiber, and then red lacquered on it. Different from “Cinnabar Lacquer” in this modern technique, lacquer means a range of clear or coloured wood finishes that dry by solvent evaporation or a curing process that produces a hard, durable finish. The finish can be of any sheen level from ultra matte to high gloss, and it can be further polished as required.

Once finished, the traditional craftsmen and designers then painstakingly carve the pieces into what you see today. Each piece will slightly vary due to the unique shape and size of the raw materials carved. It took more than 2.5-3 months to create this piece.

Each piece represents fine red lacquer carving work, a skill considered a treasure of eastern artistry.

Approximate Sizes

Dia. 10 x H 24 cm. (White wine)
Dia. 11 x H 20.5 cm. (Red wine)
Dia. 10.5 x H 18.3 cm. (Water)
Approximate Weight : 400 g. / Each

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