Bamboo Woven Tray with Dragon - “Literati” Piece

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Japanese Woven Tray decorated with Sterling silver dragon and eyes are made with Tiger's eyes.

In Japan and in a lesser way in China baskets were used for flower decoration and basket ware, often in combination with root wood or tree branches, used for home decoration. Japan has some of the most beautiful baskets and trays in history. They mastered the art of weaving to make baskets, traditionally used for storing rice, harvesting tea and carrying sake. Later the use was extended, and made part of Ikebana, with the basketry work for flower arrangements, a reflection of Japanese creativity and talent in turning basketry into an art form that became an integral part of their cultural heritage.

Size: 42 (W) x 71 (L) x 10 (H) cms.
Weight: 1 kg.

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