Golden Dragon Red Lacquer Ring

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Golden dragon ring, crafted from 9K gold, holding a piece of carved cinnabar lacquer. The mystified dragon has been embellished with diamonds and tsavorites.

Red lacquer is an eastern material collected from nature with extraordinary properties, like water proof with high heat resistance, flexibility and is not and is not available in the west. Red lacquer has been around for thousands of years for waterproof containers and both the Chinese and Japanese civilizations have refined the application of lacquer into ART. The Chinese (where it all started) developed the cinnabar, red lacquer by adding layers over layers of red natural lacquer on top of each other, each layer had to be dried and polished and it would take up to one hundred layers before the layers were thick enough for carving. Each layer would take 1-3 days and special ratios of oil and lacquer had to be kept to make sure that the lacquer could be still carved after 4-7 months of layering. It is then hand carved with master carvers, making them stunning pieces, often used in art installations and Jewellery.

Throughout diverse cultures and histories, dragons are woven into a rich tapestry of symbolism. In Chinese lore, they symbolize power, good fortune, and rulership over the elements—Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. As the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is associated with the Earthly branch symbol 辰, pronounced chen. Often depicted chasing a flaming Pearl, it symbolizes energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, and immortality. In Greek myths, dragons intertwine with heroic quests, such as Heracles' encounter with the Ladon. Dragons serve as multifaceted symbols, representing storms or regality, villains or protectors. In East Asian culture, the Dragon, as a totem, is a powerful guardian and guide, symbolizing good luck for those deemed worthy. LAdV embraces this universal allure, blending tradition with modernity to craft expressive, stylish, and playful dragon-themed designs.

The piece was collectively finished in 2 months by over 7 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages.

Tsavorite: 0.15 ct.
Diamonds: 0.16 ct.
Size: #55
Dimension 3.13 (W) x 4.81(L) x 3.62 (H) cm.
Weight. 24.33 g.

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