Maharaja Jaswant Singh II of Marwar, ca. 1880

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Maharaja Jaswant Singh II acceded to the throne of Jodhpur in 1873 upto 1895.
This is a portrait of the Maharaja in circa 1880, with the him wearing a traditional Indian choga (long sleeved robe), Jodhpur trousers, and leather boots. He wears the mantle, star, and badge insignia of Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India, awarded to him by Queen Victoria in 1875. But the most prominent feature of his attire is his magnificent Golconda studded necklace, bracelets and arm bands as well as Basra Pearl tassels on his turban. The jewelry completes his public persona. Ubiquitous in many portraits of Jodhpur’s kings, the necklace is a striking emblem of his lineage and the wealth and imperial might of the kingdom of Marwar.
The reign of Jaswant Singh II was marked with remarkable prosperity and reforms and development works. He established Courts of Justice, introduced system of revenue settlement and reorganizing all the state departments. Further, he developed infrastructure of the state by introducing telegraphs, railways (Jodhpur State Railway), and developing roads. He formed Imperial Service Cavalry Corps, which later rendered active service in European War.

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